Whoapi Functionality

Oliver Keyes


whoapi provides functionality to query the Whoapi domain information database. You can use this to get registration and whois data about a domain, geolocate its underlying IP address, check its popularity, and a variety of other things.

Using whoapi

The first thing you need to use this service is a token; something that contains your API key and whatever options you’d like to set, such as the user agent. To obtain an API key, see the whoapi website; then pass that key and the other options to whoapi_token.

Once you’ve created a token, do what thou wilst! The package provides access to a variety of direct data, including:

Additionally, metadata is made available. domain_rank and domain_search can be used, for example, to identify how popular a site is according to common ranking algorithms and how many entries relating to it appear in search results. domain_location provides geographic data about the domain’s location - or, at least, the location the it resolves to.